Unique creative arts programming for children in CT!

Our mission is to provide a play-focused, fun and nurturing atmosphere for children as they engage their voices, bodies, and imaginations through the creative arts. In the process, they grow social and emotional skills as they find their own voices and express themselves freely.

What we visualize & bring to life in thp!

  • explore! We read, play, improvise, listen, draw, observe, act, write.
  • create! Utilizing children’s literature and the arts thp engages and guides children, from improvisation to creation and beyond.
  • express! Through movement, dialogue, and song, we share authors’ voices and give children the tools necessary to enter and share the world of a story.
  • grow! The aim is to play, building social and emotional skills as children find and develop their own voices.

What makes treehouse players special?

  • play! It is the core of our teaching methodology.
  • Developmentally appropriate play through the arts supports a child’s natural inclination to imagine and explore and plants the seed for the joy learning brings.
  • thp combines elements of theatre with art, music, and movement to define a unique, adaptable teaching style for differentiated learning.

seeds for thought…

Working with Amy at the treehouse players camp was an incredible
experience for my 5 year old son. He loved every minute. Amy really
encouraged him to be himself and fostered his burgeoning imagination.  I
think it made a big difference in his self esteem as he grew older.

Thank you!
Wendy Harris, Killingworth

“Children are born to play. It’s how they learn to navigate their world, make choices, and define who they are.”

“It is vital to support the social and emotional growth of children’s spirits and voices – the freedom to know and express ourselves positively influences our life adventures.”