amy forbes, founder

Amy is a professional actress, singer, educator and storyteller. Merging these professions in 2007, she founded treehouse players (thp), a children’s theatre adventure. In thp amy combines her desire for children of all ages to nurture their creative spirits and self-esteem with her passion for theatre, music, story and dance. Through thp’s interactive story theatre, Amy is both storyteller and teaching artist, engaging players at libraries, schools or in her weekly and weeklong theatre workshops. Many days you’ll find her at Schoolmates Preschool in Ivoryton, CT creating stories, making up songs or hiking at Bushy Hill. As an equity (AEA) actress, Amy performed in NYC, on tour, in regional theatre and at the Ivoryton Playhouse. Today, she loves taking on a strong role when it fits in her family’s schedule! Amy holds a B.S. in Music Education (theatre minor) and is a certified Music Together teacher.

Children’s literature is at the heart of Amy’s work with students of various ages and stages. She utilizes children’s literature and the arts to engage children and guide them, from improvisation to creation to expression.

Amy brings positive energy, a wealth of life experience and a passion for children of all ages and abilities to find and develop a love of learning. Her work over the last twenty years as an arts educator, actress, business owner and mom have defined thp.

Teaching music, movement and drama to students of varied ages has helped refine her teaching style and improve her ability to adapt and modify academic lessons for differentiated learning.

Early in Amy’s teaching career, she combined music and movement with drama and story, learning to be flexible and support students as creative leaders while maintaining a structure within which they thrived. Just as an actor learns to improvise and grows stronger with rehearsal, as a teacher, Amy strengthened her ability to improvise intervention strategies in the moment.

Through her work as an actress, Amy learned the art of play. It is the core of her teaching methodology. Developmentally appropriate play through the arts supports a child’s natural inclination to imagine and explore and plants the seed for the joy learning brings.

Throughout her personal and professional life, Amy’s abilities to be creative and think outside the box have been life skills of measurable use; from creating and adapting curriculum to inventing and developing lesson plans, from assessing and determining individual methods of learning to accurately implementing curriculum based on the needs of the individual or group.


seeds for thought…….

Working with Amy at the treehouse players camp was an incredible
experience for my 5 year old son. He loved every minute. Amy really
encouraged him to be himself and fostered his burgeoning imagination.  I
think it made a big difference in his self esteem as he grew older.

Thank you!
Wendy Harris, Killingworth

“Children are born to play. It’s how they learn to navigate their world, make choices, and define who they are.”

“It is vital to support the social and emotional growth of children’s spirits and voices – the freedom to know and express ourselves positively influences our life adventures.”