sarah thompson, art director

Graphic Designer Sarah Thompson lives in Chester, CT with her family and operates a design business called, Mosa Graphics.

She has developed and taught preschool art classes for several years and currently coordinates Cultural Arts Programming at Chester Elementary School, where her daughter is enrolled.

Sarah grew up with a strong passion to create art, inspired by her mother, an elementary art school teacher. During her childhood, Sarah focused on drawing and illustration. As an adult, she trained to become a Graphic Designer, but continues to practice art off of the computer screen, using various mediums, now experimenting with watercolor. Sarah has taken classes and shown her work at Spectrum Art Gallery in Centerbrook, CT.

Sarah received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Advertising from Michigan State University, where she also studied Child Developmental Psychology, and later studied Website Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Sarah is certified by the American Heart Association in CPR and AED use as of 6/18/2018.


seeds for thought…….

Working with Amy at the treehouse players camp was an incredible
experience for my 5 year old son. He loved every minute. Amy really
encouraged him to be himself and fostered his burgeoning imagination.  I
think it made a big difference in his self esteem as he grew older.

Thank you!
Wendy Harris, Killingworth

“Children are born to play. It’s how they learn to navigate their world, make choices, and define who they are.”

“It is vital to support the social and emotional growth of children’s spirits and voices – the freedom to know and express ourselves positively influences our life adventures.”