let’s play!

Children are born to play.
It’s how they learn to navigate their world, make choices
and define who they are. When we play, we are “in the moment,”
just as we aim to be “in the moment” when we try on characters and act out stories.
We invent dialogue and action that surprises us and takes us beyond storylines.
Our imaginings bring make-believe worlds to life!


Play makes treehouse players unique!
It’s our springboard to learn and grow.

At treehouse players, children work together to find their unique voices and inner strength. The only requirements…an imagination and an interest in play!

From singing and acting out stories to behavior management strategies to social development skills, you’ll understand why music and drama engage the whole child.

treehouse players encourages healthy self-expression, while working hard to foster an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect for all.

spring + summer!

stories alive! For 4-10 year olds!
Play-filled, enriching weekly programs.
theatre: Play, improvise and act out a story.
music: Sing, move and learn simple staging.
art: Create costumes and scenery.
crew: Learn the basics of stage crew.

in your classroom!

classroom adventures! For Prek-6th grade!
thp o
ffers a variety of in-school workshops that teach curriculum content through theatre, music, voice, movement and art and are aligned with CT Common Core standards. Integrating the arts in education is a primary goal for thp founder and teaching artist, Amy Forbes. Amy collaborates with teachers to design, for content and grade level, engaging learning experiences that deepen students’ knowledge of the chosen curriculum focus.
Book thp for stand-alone workshops or multiple day residencies! 

in your community!

interactive story adventures! For all ages!
With thp, children’s literature jumps from page to stage, from folk tales to picture books to mixed up fairy tales, we bring stories to life. You’ll join as a player in the story or an observer who watches the adventure unfold. Bring a friend, a parent, a grandpa, a cousin.
Look for thp at your local CT library or farmer’s market!

At the heart of thp’s work is play, using our imaginations together to explore the world of the story.
Song, speech, movement, theatre games and improvisation accompany us on this journey.
It’s a play-filled adventure that shapes us and changes us each time we set out together as treehouse players.
                                                                                                                         ~ amy forbes, founder